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I placed you in the wych elm
warm though sapped
by October winds.
I put the ring there,
and the words, the taffeta,
in your mouth.
I took my leave
and still you peek
from the bough.
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 1 0
these are beatitudes
though they just as oft
have the substance of brine,
would that I could
render proper oblations
to one so worthy
of exaltation
but what difference
could the psalms of a single reveler
make to one who is enskied already?
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 0 0
Mise en abyme
My worried hands
have fletched countless volleys
My handiwork litters
the gulf between
Here I try my hand again
at tracing these embrasures
Here I stand ineradicable
until I mark something less than petrous
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 0 1
something in the way you frighten fireflies
warrants bromide and prosaic self-reference
I'd like to say things like
"your eyes are eisegesis;"
to write your sonnet 130
while reshaping the clouds in the backyard.
Ember may become conflagration yet.
We still have August.
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 0 2
Byzantium burns
and we, careless,
watch the flicker
in the other pupil.
We learn, we will,
and morning breaks against us.
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 2 1
you're a fiction pretending otherwise
a specious thought:
Enochian, might as well be,
or some other vernacular
both angelic and arcane
the mere utterance of your name
reduces me to a beggar's cant
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 3 0
they'll say our love
was marigolds
the fools
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 2 2
let me paint the tableau
my mind has made for you:
a silken sheet
on a modest gravestone
a hummingbird flits
from blossom to blossom
ruddy cheeks at
a casual occasion
a guarded smile
after a rude imposition
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 7 1
twice now
we've traced these
roughshod desire paths
the blame is mine
this lonely wayfarer
can't help but to
get lost on purpose
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 2 0
Local Wonders: Birds
       There are few things that are as cathartic as hearing birdsong for the first time in spring. It's thrilling to welcome these prodigal sons back from their vacations in Brazil or Mexico. After three gray months of winter, work, and academia, birds instill a much needed color in the fabric of life.
       This spring, the lawn just outside of the school where I work is inhabited by three such creatures. My two favorite neighbors are a pair of chickadees which can be seen flitting from tree to tree impressing each other with their aerial acrobatics or eating berries near my car. I suspect that the the berries there are slightly fresher having been shielded from the sun by the shade of the vehicle. When they think no one is watching, they'll often flatter each other by singing “Hey, sweetie!” back and forth. My students share that same sort of saccharine naivety whenever they mention their significant other. It's enough to make you
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 2 1
It's no secret:
your voice reminds me
of nights unslept
with the texture
of poetry
on the backside of the page
you lead me on
a parade
and once the noise has subsided
only static remains
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 3 4
riven, we,
by unresolved bifurcation
by simple algebraic truncation
howl-at-the-moon antics
won't be the end of us
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 3 2
noise :iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 0 0
release me
from this fatal refinement
spurious nomenclature
as testament to my tenacity
fleeced and frightened
so be it
eschew catchment
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 0 0
Fall, not winter
comes in small bites
more like an autumn's breeze
than any summer storm
no strong men die
but even the strongest
don a jacket until
the leaves come back
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 2 2
no mockingbird flits
quite like you do
you're a spectre,
a necessary distraction.
darken my wallpaper
with your private literature
:iconungraciouspastor:ungraciouspastor 6 1

Random Favourites

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there will come a day when
i may think
that love is not enough;
and i will grab at something visceral,
something dangerous.
it has been months since
i last hurt. you are a serious man, all
serious face and serious heart
and your love is only perfect
and i am never worthy.
you are an arresting, shutter-stop stillness
that anchors my quaking
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Across the Stars
One day Jake Sully was living peacefully on Pandora when he heard a noise in the bushes.
"What was that?" Jake asked.
"I don't know, I think you should go check it out," said Neytiri.
So Jake Sully took his spear and went to see what the noise was.
Suddenly, he saw a tall, grasshopper-looking creature standing in the clearing.
"Oh my God." said Jake Sulley.
The creature spoke in a strange tongue. "The humans took our ship," he said sadly. "and we waiting 20 long years to get it back. we barely managed to escape with our lives. me and my son were in the slum for so long, filthy, malnourished, and mistreated, and now..." the creature started sobbing. We buried his large, misshapen, exo-skeletoned head in his hands...claws...fingers...claw fingers.
It was then jaek selluy suddenly noticed how alike the creatures eyes were to his own. They were so different...he so blue...the other so prawn... yet they both had such large, expressive eyes...
and they were both tall enough to
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Avatar But Better
Once upon a time, there was a planet far, far way called Pandora. It was rich in unobtainium and the Na'vi were selfishly hoarding it all to themselves like wicked blue dragons and not sharing it with the rest of the universe.
"Please sir," said a tall, strapping gentleman by the name of Miles Quaritch. "May we have some of your unobtanium? Our planet is in dire need and only this can save it."
"Hohoho!" laughed Neytiri and Jake. "You humans are inferior to our blue race. you cannot even play basketball at our level. How dare you think you can even deserve the unobtanium."
"But, Jake," said the Colonel, manly tears rolling down his man face, "I thought we had something special."
"No," said Jake. "I am a Na'vi now. I can run and jump like a ten foot tall blue child and play basketball better than any human. I can fly on dinosaurs. I can screw with blue neko smurf girls whenever I please and they will make me their king. Join me, Colonel, and I will make your face the greatest on Pandora
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After more than six years on this site, the misspelled username has finally gotten to me. So, in the last week of my ill-used premium membership, I've decided to change it. Don't hold me at fault; I've already made my admission of sin.

Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,
show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,
whiles, like a puff'd and reckless libertine,
himself the primrose path of dalliance treads
and recks not his own rede.


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Chadwick Shinabargar
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United States
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